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Olbrich Gardens

I had to visit a tropical place yesterday: Olbrich Gardens in Madison, WI. I brought my son along, too, even though he said “Plants are stupid.” I said, “Plants are cool.”

Actually the conservatory is HOT. Today’s temperature outside: -11 F.  Temperature inside the Olbrich Gardens conservatory?: 85 F.



Snow on gate.

Snow on a white fence.

Under the bridge

I always like walking through this little patch. The shrubs and trees seem to be squeeze me in. It seems snug.

Just the little things I think on a walk.

Snowy tree.

Here is the best I could do while bracing the camera against a telephone pole (had no tripod on the walk).

Dry big snowflakes are here after we have endured days of fog followed by thunderstorms. It’s a warm crystalline white January Wisconsin night and we were the only people out walking to see it at 9 PM.

Foggy street and trees.

There was no walk today. Imagine this fog. But thicker. And then add a thunderstorm. In January. In Wisconsin. That was today.

So uhhh, this picture is from yesterday and no walk was conducted today. Instead there was indoor belly dancing and excessive jamming to Twista.

Foggy, snowy bike trail.

Snow is melty and dirty. But the fog hides some of the rough patches.

Here’s the bike trail as seen from a wooden bridge that crosses it. 44 degrees today in Southern Wisconsin.