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(the emails I sent to my boyfriend who was at work at the time of the Iowa caucuses)
I have been watching footage (recorded) of a Republican caucus in Iowa. I was hearing their speeches and now I am watching them count votes.Yeah. Funnnnnnn.
They were in a pretty large meeting room – maybe almost as big as the library’s big reading room – but all seats taken plus people standing everywhere they could.
Voting is done by writing the name of the candidate on a slip of paper and sticking it into a manila envelope. So pretty primitive. No real monitoring of votes put in. Envelopes passed around in the crowd. I think people had to register to get into the room and each one was given an “official” piece of paper – so if the papers are fairly distributed…
Kinda messy nonetheless.
* * * 
This caucus thing is going on and on.
It is actually really hilarious.
Right now they have the count and a dude is trying to call in “headquarters” ( I assume) and we are just watching him dial, wait, dial, wait , dial.. cuz he’s going through the phone menu.And he gets cut off. And so we watch him laboriously go through some impossibly long phone menu again.
To top it off, he is wearing a plaid sweater.
But here we are, on the edge of our seats in the CSPAN viewing audience watching this guy carry out official caucus duties.
Now he is talking to the other party and repeating over and over that he lives in “Carroll”. “I live in Carroll”. “Carroll. Yes. Carroll!” (does the other party actually hear what he is saying???)
Apparently she does now understand that he is in CARROLL and he is giving the vote tallies.
And it is going on and on. Wow. I feel like I am _really_ in Iowa.
COUNTING slips of paper!