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The Packer

It’s a rough day in Wisconsin.

It’s Monday. The Packers lost yesterday and won’t be going to the Super Bowl. Plus we’re getting 7 inches of snow.

Yup – this statue is made out of snow. And so much hope.

Olbrich Gardens

I had to visit a tropical place yesterday: Olbrich Gardens in Madison, WI. I brought my son along, too, even though he said “Plants are stupid.” I said, “Plants are cool.”

Actually the conservatory is HOT. Today’s temperature outside: -11 F.  Temperature inside the Olbrich Gardens conservatory?: 85 F.


Snow on gate.

Snow on a white fence.

Under the bridge

I always like walking through this little patch. The shrubs and trees seem to be squeeze me in. It seems snug.

Just the little things I think on a walk.

Foggy, snowy bike trail.

Snow is melty and dirty. But the fog hides some of the rough patches.

Here’s the bike trail as seen from a wooden bridge that crosses it. 44 degrees today in Southern Wisconsin.

Gremlin napping

You are witnessing picture #1 of my picture-a-day project. Original intention: go outside and take a picture. Reality: I was so cranky about it being winter and me having to walk to the post office, I gave up. So you’ve got a picture of my cat, Gremlin.

In my fantasies, I am walking outside in the cold of Wisconsin and I am blissfully unaware of this state’s frigid winter because I am so busy capturing a beautiful photo of a graceful icicle or a perfectly sculpted drift of snow.

Today’s Score: cats 1, nature 0