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Note for the non-networker: Before I go on about this event, I want to get something straight. Networking = meeting people. For many of you, this is a big “duh”. My message: get over it and start right now whether you have a biz card or not. Do wear something nicer than jeans and be yourself. You need to get out there and press the flesh a little all the time for your self esteem and your career.

I attended a _great_ event about future careers sponsored by the Madison chapter of the World Future Society, I happened to win a free membership when there, so feel free to consider me a “futurist”. (Yes that does have a Star Trek ring to it that I like).

I am pushing myself to network right now so that I get connections, get some part-time work, and have a chance to talk to other people about what they do for a living. Wouldn’t it be neat if I knew exactly what my career mission was at this point? I think I gotta fake it til I make it at the moment. Here are the info-nuggets I took away from the panelists present:

*20 – 30 something employees work at a job an average of two to three years

*everyone who wants to be considered an “expert” in their field is supposed to have an online existence in the form of a blog

*everyone needs a mentor

*older people go to LinkedIn to network online while 20-something people go to DooStang

*figure out who the 100 people are in the world that you need to know to further your career/plans, call each one up and ask if you can take the person out to breakfast to ask a few questions.

*read Barbara Sher’s books and visit her blog’s forum if you don’t know “what you want to be when you grow up”

*become a Toastmasters member. you’ll get over fear of speaking and show you can present yourself under all circumstances

Our panelists: Donna Beestman of Career Success Strategies, Peter Gray of QTI Professional Staffing, and Ryan Paugh of Employee Evolution. Event organized by Hollie Hollister of H Cubed Group. I thought Donna, Ryan,Peter and Hollie offered up their best wisdom to the assembled.

BTW: I have an amazing book that is great for the people that DO have a defined career mission and are searching for work: The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search by Orville Pierson. 

Also BTW for newcomers to networking, I emailed or sent thank you cards to everyone I spoke to the next day. Amazing how much time this took. I also added everyone’s info in my Yahoo contacts. More time, but this is supposed to be the stuff of networking.

Because I went to this event, I met a renewable energy engineer who I will be taking out to coffee today or next Tuesday. Onward!