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Gremlin napping

You are witnessing picture #1 of my picture-a-day project. Original intention: go outside and take a picture. Reality: I was so cranky about it being winter and me having to walk to the post office, I gave up. So you’ve got a picture of my cat, Gremlin.

In my fantasies, I am walking outside in the cold of Wisconsin and I am blissfully unaware of this state’s frigid winter because I am so busy capturing a beautiful photo of a graceful icicle or a perfectly sculpted drift of snow.

Today’s Score: cats 1, nature 0


Take macho cowboys on the range and add cuddly cats.

Heaven on earth!

Somewhere a cat is waiting for you.

Go ahead. Call me “cat lady”. I’ve been spending about 2 hours a week petting cats at my local animal shelter. 

Which leads me to feel qualified to dispense advice on cat adoption. I heard a woman call into Wisconsin Public Radio. She was disappointed that the very beautiful purebred cat she purchased is not a “lap cat”. If she had visited an animal shelter, settled in and visited with the cats, she could have found her ideal cat for snuggling.

Here are some questions to consider and help you get in the cat shopping groove:

Does the cat play if you throw a ball around?

Is the cat frightened and shy or brave?

Does the cat allow you to pet him or her?

If you want a cat to be very clingy and enjoy being held, grab a chair and see if your chosen cat wants to settle in for some extended petting. If you want a cat that is very confident and can “roll with the punches” of a noisy household, perhaps a large playful tom cat would be a good choice. Does the cat have a loud “meow” or does it remain quiet? Do you notice that the cat is very comfortable spending time in a group of other cats?Is the cat you like in a cage when you visit? You must take it out and allow it to explore a bit, play, sit with you, etc. Insist on it.

Don’t forget that the people that work there hang out with the animals on a regular basis, and they should be able to help you find your perfect kitty match.

Please leave a comment on your own cat adoption experiences!