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Dog giving paw to shake hands

“Dogtown: Crisis Dogs” features an animal shelter in southern Utah that cares for the most difficult of rescue dogs AND makes sure they find loving homes.  

 “They take dogs that have no place left to go. It’s their last chance and [Best Friends staff] do amazing things in dealing with the dogs’ medical problems and getting them adopted out.”
    He said a unique component of this series is showing the strong emotional bond forged between caregivers and animals.
    “It’s really a unique bond we don’t often see,” said Valentini. “The caregivers really love these animals and that comes across.”

 This is a 3-part series airing Fridays at 8 PM Central–see the online schedule below if you need to catch repeat episodes. And BTW, five more new episodes will air in October 2008.

See footage of a segment here (dogs rescued from a puppy mill):

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