Picture-a-day: gremlin

Gremlin napping

You are witnessing picture #1 of my picture-a-day project. Original intention: go outside and take a picture. Reality: I was so cranky about it being winter and me having to walk to the post office, I gave up. So you’ve got a picture of my cat, Gremlin.

In my fantasies, I am walking outside in the cold of Wisconsin and I am blissfully unaware of this state’s frigid winter because I am so busy capturing a beautiful photo of a graceful icicle or a perfectly sculpted drift of snow.

Today’s Score: cats 1, nature 0


  1. Tracy

    I’d say Gremlin is ALSO blissfully unaware of your state’s frigid winter. Kind of sickening the lives these cats have, huh? (I have three –all of whom at this moment are luxuriously passed out in different areas of the house). WHAT a LIFE!

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