Former workout queen confesses that she is now lazy

Fitness Queen gear

I’ll make this a brief confession with no tears. Once upon a time–as in over 20 years ago– I was a cross country and track runner. In track I excelled at the quarter mile. As for long distance, I could run 5 miles a day faithfully.

As a 20-something, I would continue to do aerobics at home, but less for fun and more out of the anxiety that I would not snag a guy if I wasn’t skinny. What a desperate “barbie” I was. Now in my late-30’s, I find myself feeling decidedly less agressive about the whole exercise thing and I confess that I do cringe at the thought of working up a full sweat. And to think, I used to be such a macho workout-until-I-get-legal-runner’s-high gal.

Now it’s all about making it fun and easy. If I can get myself to work out every day, I’ll be setting up a foundation I can build on. By the way, I have a nice start from last fall and I’ll share my sticker trick for that in a separate post.

And, hey, if I can exert myself once in a while, I might just avoid being a cranky so and so, be more hopeful, and ultimately feel like I can tackle even loftier fitness goals.

Feel free to confess here about your own fall from fitness excellence.


  1. Hi! Thanks for the comment on my page. Hope the soup works out good!
    As for confessions: I used to be rather obsessive about excercising… my, how far we have fallen, hey? But my husband and I still do an hours’ walk most days of the week, and I’ve come to think: What a great way to relieve stress and give the body a little excercise, doing something so simple. In this very complex world. Ah, yes, walkies…
    🙂 Jen

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