New Year’s Resolutions

The world 

I must believe in the magic of promises made on this day.

So the New Year’s resolutions?

Fitness- mostly walking with sprinkles of exercise DVDs and a gym

Blog more -I have this blog plus 2 other anonymous blogs. May the best blog survive.

Economize more with my food budget, reduce meat

Increase my piano playing and composition writing

Figure out what my career focus is – web development?, GIS?, renewable energy? Informational interviews to do.

How to get there?

I have already developed some tried and true tricks to get me to follow through on goals.

*Journal daily.

*See the goals every day. In the past I’ve put a list in my bedroom. I think this year I’ll duplicate it on my account (this is an awesome news reader and personal organizing tool, BTW).

*Keep a calendar to log what I do every day. (This is great for exercise, for example)

*Using my yahoo calendar to give me plenty of reminder emails.

*Tie goals to dates.

*Keep on coaching with my friend Candace, weekly. This has been so important to me. I’ll try to give it its own post sometime.

*Write a to-do list the night before for the day’s activities.

Hope this inspires somebody else to start the new year with a hopeful outlook! Good luck, all.


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