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Note for the non-networker: Before I go on about this event, I want to get something straight. Networking = meeting people. For many of you, this is a big “duh”. My message: get over it and start right now whether you have a biz card or not. Do wear something nicer than jeans and be yourself. You need to get out there and press the flesh a little all the time for your self esteem and your career.

I attended a _great_ event about future careers sponsored by the Madison chapter of the World Future Society, I happened to win a free membership when there, so feel free to consider me a “futurist”. (Yes that does have a Star Trek ring to it that I like).

I am pushing myself to network right now so that I get connections, get some part-time work, and have a chance to talk to other people about what they do for a living. Wouldn’t it be neat if I knew exactly what my career mission was at this point? I think I gotta fake it til I make it at the moment. Here are the info-nuggets I took away from the panelists present:

*20 – 30 something employees work at a job an average of two to three years

*everyone who wants to be considered an “expert” in their field is supposed to have an online existence in the form of a blog

*everyone needs a mentor

*older people go to LinkedIn to network online while 20-something people go to DooStang

*figure out who the 100 people are in the world that you need to know to further your career/plans, call each one up and ask if you can take the person out to breakfast to ask a few questions.

*read Barbara Sher’s books and visit her blog’s forum if you don’t know “what you want to be when you grow up”

*become a Toastmasters member. you’ll get over fear of speaking and show you can present yourself under all circumstances

Our panelists: Donna Beestman of Career Success Strategies, Peter Gray of QTI Professional Staffing, and Ryan Paugh of Employee Evolution. Event organized by Hollie Hollister of H Cubed Group. I thought Donna, Ryan,Peter and Hollie offered up their best wisdom to the assembled.

BTW: I have an amazing book that is great for the people that DO have a defined career mission and are searching for work: The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search by Orville Pierson. 

Also BTW for newcomers to networking, I emailed or sent thank you cards to everyone I spoke to the next day. Amazing how much time this took. I also added everyone’s info in my Yahoo contacts. More time, but this is supposed to be the stuff of networking.

Because I went to this event, I met a renewable energy engineer who I will be taking out to coffee today or next Tuesday. Onward!

This BBC story about a swimming red squirrel sent the cute meter on my computer past the “excessive” mark and into the “nuclear strength” zone.

Red squirrel swims

Squirrel’s epic swim across lake

Somewhere a cat is waiting for you.

Go ahead. Call me “cat lady”. I’ve been spending about 2 hours a week petting cats at my local animal shelter. 

Which leads me to feel qualified to dispense advice on cat adoption. I heard a woman call into Wisconsin Public Radio. She was disappointed that the very beautiful purebred cat she purchased is not a “lap cat”. If she had visited an animal shelter, settled in and visited with the cats, she could have found her ideal cat for snuggling.

Here are some questions to consider and help you get in the cat shopping groove:

Does the cat play if you throw a ball around?

Is the cat frightened and shy or brave?

Does the cat allow you to pet him or her?

If you want a cat to be very clingy and enjoy being held, grab a chair and see if your chosen cat wants to settle in for some extended petting. If you want a cat that is very confident and can “roll with the punches” of a noisy household, perhaps a large playful tom cat would be a good choice. Does the cat have a loud “meow” or does it remain quiet? Do you notice that the cat is very comfortable spending time in a group of other cats?Is the cat you like in a cage when you visit? You must take it out and allow it to explore a bit, play, sit with you, etc. Insist on it.

Don’t forget that the people that work there hang out with the animals on a regular basis, and they should be able to help you find your perfect kitty match.

Please leave a comment on your own cat adoption experiences!

Howdy from Carol G.

I think of this space as “me” when I am finding funny and interesting stuff that is suitable for polite exchange. I have decided to put rants, political views, confessions, and other very personal stuff in another spot.

I am currently an office manager who used to work in libraries. As of Jan 7 08, I’ll also be working part-time for an insurance firm! AND I’m taking a few classes to figure out the new career direction. I’m seeking a new career that doesn’t bore me and pays well. I dig the subjects of GIS, anything 3D, renewable energy, web design, nutrition, science in general, green building, medicine, marketing, and new media. I have been a reporter, a call center rep, a horrible waitress, and a librarian.